Lyndi Rae Davis: Softball Athlete of the Week

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Odds were Lyndi Rae Davis was going to be big-time in the sports world. Born into a football family, she has made her own name for herself by playing softball. The football blood runs deep in her family, with her father and uncle coaching football at her high school, her other uncle, Bobby Lamb, is the head football coach at Mercer University, her cousin is a graduate assistant at South Carolina, and her grandfather is in the Georgia Coaches Hall of Fame. While football and softball have their obvious differences, Lyndi Rae claims the competitive drive of her family has helped her to accel in the sport she loves. The class of 2021 star has used that competitive edge to accumulate offers from some of the nation’s top schools such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and LSU. Ultimately, Lyndi Rae will be spending her four years after high school at the University of Georgia. 

While Lyndi Rae’s athleticism is unquestionably impressive, she gets things done in the classroom, too. She currently sports a 4.0 GPA at Calhoun High School in Georgia and her favorite subject is history. When she’s not on the diamond or in school, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and cooking. Also, she loves to fish, but with the demands of being a student-athlete, she doesn’t get too much time to do so. Lyndi Rae has big dreams for her softball career, which we at Press Sports believe she can achieve with her abilities. First, Lyndi Rae wants to win the Women’s College World Series, which is something that Georgia has never done. Second, she wants to play for the USA Olympic Team. She has already led her high school team to the Georiga 3A State Championship in 2017 and with her hard work, faith, and dedication, we believe Lyndi Rae will be the one to get this done. 

Lyndi Rae is also a huge fan of the MLB and an even bigger supporter of her hometown Braves. Her favorite athlete is Charlie Culberson, partly because she believes he is the most underrated player in baseball and because her father used to coach him. Also, she models her swing after the Braves superstar, Freddie Freeman, and we at Press Sports agree with this comparison. We are excited to watch Lyndi Rae dominate her remaining high school seasons, and even more excited to follow her collegiate career. You, too, can follow her hard work, commitment, and success on the Press Sports App @lyndiraedavis0!

Kobe Head: Baseball Athlete of the Week

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Throwing a no-hitter is something every young pitcher dreams about their whole life. Kobe Head has already turned that dream into a reality. In only his sophomore season at the Community Christian School in Georgia, he pitched a 13-strikeout no-hitter, while going ⅔ at the plate on the day. In that same year, he finished the season with a 1.2 ERA, and 35K’s in 30 innings of work. While pitching is his passion, he is not to be taken likely when he steps up to the plate. Kobe once hit 2 home runs and went 7 for 8 in the Elite 8 baseball tournament. On top of that, he batted an astounding .523 in his sophomore season.

Kobe graduates in 2020 and playing ball in college is his dream. Currently, he is juggling offers from Alabama A&M and Claflin University, but he is talking to several other coaches and not in a rush to make the right choice. Kobe’s college decision will not be purely based on athletics, as he is stellar student-athlete sporting a 3.7 GPA, consistently on Honor Roll, and is a First Team Academic All-American. He enjoys the subjects of math and science and also plays basketball for his high school. 

While it is no question that Kobe is dedicated to his game, he also likes to have a good time with his friends in his little free time. When he’s not on the diamond, he is either playing PlayStation and listening to music or even rapping himself. His favorite artists are Lil Keed and BabyTayRose, and his favorite movie is Friday. Kobe aspires to make it to the MLB, but would also be happy with playing overseas as he loves the game so much. At Press Sports, we are excited to see where Kobe attends college and are looking forward to following his promising future.

You can stay up to date Kobe’s achievements on the Press Sports App @kobehead2

Drew Burress: Baseball Athlete of the Week

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Drew Burress, like his favorite artist, Kodak Black, has tunnel vision. The 14-year-old IMG Academy outfielder aspires to be a first-round draft pick and prides himself on his confidence and swagger. He’s already ranked within the Top 1000 players in the nation, according to Perfect Game, and he will continue to climb up that list with his relentless work ethic. After taking a trip to Cooperstown with his father, Drew knew he wanted to be amongst the legends there and will not stop working until the mission is accomplished.

While Drew touts himself on his hard work and dedication to the game, the supernatural may play a factor into his success. For instance, he must wear more than one chain around his neck, and he doesn’t eat seeds or chew gum during a game. Also, his bat, glove, and helmet are always placed first on the bench. Say what you want, but it works. Superstition has made this young baller into a young superstar. 

When Drew is not on the diamond, you can find him in the woods. Drew, alongside with his father, loves to hunt deer, doves, and ducks. Drew has a very tight relationship with his father and one of his favorite memories is being playing on his Dad’s team in Cooperstown. Drew also enjoys playing MLB the Show during his free time. He loves Bryce Harper and Mike Trout and tries to model his game after these icons. If Drew continues to work as hard as he does with his given abilities, he can reach any goal he wants. At Press Sports we’re excited to see his promising career unfold and can’t wait to see where he goes to school or who he gets drafted by. You too can track Drew’s success by following him on the Press Sports App @DrewBurress8.

Chooch Carroll: Softball Athlete of the Week

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Two, Four, Six, Eight, Chooch Carroll only knows one thing; dominate. The superstitious superstar completes everything in her life, even her workout reps, solely in even numbers. Say what you want about it, but it works…really really works. Sporting a .997 fielding percentage and a .560 batting average, Chooch earned herself a multitude of college offers from some of the nation’s best schools such as the University of South Carolina, Auburn University, and Virginia Tech. Ultimately, South Carolina will get the honor of having Chooch on their squad.

Chooch Carroll’s stats are almost unbelievable. As a freshman at Cambridge High School, she was batting .720 with 12 home runs and was 32-0 on the mound when she called her own pitches. Chooch loves everything about playing softball and is grateful for getting to do what she loves every day, and even more thankful to continue her career at a premier softball university. On the slight occasions where she’s not playing or practicing softball, Chooch likes to sing, draw, and enjoy the outdoors. Also, Chooch wears jersey number 42 and it is no coincidence that her favorite movie is the Jackie Robinson Story, “42.” 

Chooch is more than just an athlete and is very motivated in every aspect of life. She claims to love the Press Sports App as it, “Gives players a voice to speak out about what [they] believe in and what [they] stand for.” Chooch wants to become president of the Free World and with her leadership skills, we at Press Sports will not be surprised to see her name on the 2036 ballot. She wants to be on the United States Olympic Softball team and one day make softball as popular as Major League Baseball. To follow her collegiate career (and maybe her presidential campaign) find her on the Press Sports App @gamecocks42!

The Johnson Bros: Tervell and Termarr are on the Rise

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Melvin and Justin Upton, step aside, there’s a new brother duo on the rise. Younger brother Termarr Johnson, and older brother, Tervell Johnson, are two studs out of the Peach State. Tervell, class of 2020, is an outfielder/catcher and a Georgia Tech commit. Termarr, class of 2022, plays a multitude of positions and is currently deciding between Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Family is very important to the Johnson’s while Termarr’s idol is Tervell, and Tervell’s dream is to play in the Big Leagues with or against his brother. When Tervell was asked if he would try to convince his younger brother to commit to Georgia Tech he exclaimed, “Every day!”

Starting with the younger brother, Termarr is currently the number 3 overall recruit and number 1 middle infielder in the nation. He didn’t earn these rankings by luck, as he has put up some crazy statistics such as 3 home runs in one game. Throughout all his success, his favorite memory is still hitting his first career home run. Termarr is more than just a baseball player as he sports a 3.9 GPA and thoroughly enjoys mathematics. When he’s not on the diamond, he enjoys running it back on MLB the Show, listening to Young Thug, and also likes to dance. While all these may be fun, nothing compares to the excitement he gets from playing ball. To see Termarr’s highlights and track his commitment, follow him on the Press Sports App @Termarrrr!

Older brother, Tervell, already knows where his future lays, at Georgia Tech. Tervell is the definition of a student-athlete, as he loves biology and made his commitment to Tech because they, “valued not only athletics but education.” Picking a school for academics is a very responsible choice from a talented athlete as it gives him the option to be successful in both the business and athletic worlds. This doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still a monster athlete, once hitting 3 home runs and accumulating 10 RBIs in a single game. He models his play after Tommy Pham, and we at Press Sports agree with this comparison. Outside of baseball, Tervell enjoys hanging out with his brother, listening to Young Thug, and playing Call of Duty. We’re excited to see his success at Georgia Tech, and you can follow him too on the Press Sports App @Tervell!

Naomi Cabello: Volleyball Athlete of the Week

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Naomi Cabello, the Juice Wrld loving volleyball star, goes against her favorite artist’s lyrics and proves why all girls are not the same. The 6-foot-1 rising senior from East Ridge High School in Florida has committed to the University of Texas to continue her stellar volleyball career. Naomi not only surpasses but statistically dominates the national averages in every major category. During her three-year varsity career starting since her freshman year, Naomi has accumulated 1276 assists, 138 Aces, 365 Digs, and 540 kills. The scary part is, she’s not done yet and is poised to have a monster senior season.

While Naomi has already committed to Texas, she was also considering the University of Washington and the University of Florida. Naomi clearly values her education while she sports a 3.5 GPA and thoroughly enjoys mathematics. When she’s not playing or training for volleyball Naomi likes to use her downtown to sleep which is her favorite pastime. If you played as fearlessly and relentlessly as Naomi Cabello, you would need sleep, too. She also likes to keep it simple as McDonald’s is her favorite fast food restaurant.

Naomi’s future is bright by committing to play at Texas, however, that is not her end goal. She aspires to make the USA Women’s National Team, and by going to a top 5 NCAA program, that dream can become a reality. Naomi is used to competing at the highest level as she led her club team to place second at the AAU Nationals. She models her play after favorite athlete, Alisha Glass, who is the USA Women’s Volleyball setter. Naomi has a long and successful career ahead of her, and we’re excited to follow her journey here at Press Sports. Naomi loves using the Press Sports App to post her highlights, so you, too, can track her journey by following her @naomiicabello on the Press Sports App!

Arik Gilbert: Football Athlete of the Week

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Arik Gilbert and the number 2 is a match made in Heaven. Born February 22, 2002 (2/22/02), jersey number 2 for the Blue Devils is also the number 2 overall recruit in the football powerhouse state of Georgia. The number 2 is great for Gilbert, however, the Class of 2020 Tight End is also the number 1 athlete in the nation. He is a force to be reckoned with and a name that you will hear on Saturday’s, and more than likely on Sunday’s 4 years from now. The Five Star recruit has accumulated offers from the nation’s top programs including Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Penn State, Texas A&M and many more. While he is uncommitted, his decision is to be released soon. Gilbert earned these offers by sporting some absurd statistics, such as 5 TDs and 279 yards in one game alone.

While no one doubts his athletic performance and his abilities on the gridiron, Arik Gilbert is more than just a football player. Gilbert loves science and has earned himself a 3.5 GPA. Even though his fame is from football, he also played AAU basketball and made some of his favorite memories as an athlete doing it. Gilbert still loves basketball and he enjoys playing NBA 2k19 and listening to Young Thug. The monster athlete still shows he can be a kid at heart while his favorite movie is Shark Boy and Lava Girl. When he’s not playing or training for football, he can be found at the beach.

As a Five Star recruit, making the League is not only a dream but a favorable reality. Pretty soon, Gilbert will have the chance to play alongside with, or against, his favorite athletes; Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, and Deandre Hopkins. Gilbert sees his play comparable to that of David Njoku’s, the Cleveland Brown’s Tight End out of the University of Miami. At Press Sports, we believe this is an accurate comparison as we acknowledge that Gilbert has the potential to be a first-round draft pick, just like Njoku. We’re excited to hear his commitment and follow his success for many years to come, and you can too by following Arik Gilbert on the Press Sports App @dba.rik.

Elli McKissock – Volleyball Athlete of the Week

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Elli McKissock, the star libero from The First Academy in Florida, was destined to be a great athlete when her first word ever spoken was “ball.”  Miami, Washington, Texas, and Florida all sought to receive her commitment, but there’s no place like home. Elli McKissock, the Florida native, verbally committed to the University of Florida after accumulating 1,490 digs and counting during her volleyball career at The First Academy. Despite her young start to athletics, McKissock did not begin playing volleyball until the age of 12. Hard work and dedication to the game she loved earned her many offers from the nation’s top programs.

As a senior captain of her team, McKissock is poised for a monster year as a 5th year varsity player. McKissock immediately made an impact on her high school team when she was only in middle school. The 8th grade libero helped lead her team to win the Florida 3A State Volleyball Championship which sparked her soon to be college career. By her junior season, McKissock also played outside for the Lady Royals and earned herself the Florida Dairy Farmers 2018 Class 5A Girls’ Volleyball Player of the Year.

Elli is not alone in her volleyball journey as her sister, Matti McKissock, also plays Division I volleyball for the Georgia Institute of Technology. To get a jumpstart on her college career, Elli decided she wants to graduate a semester early from high school and early enroll at the University of Florida. Even though she will cut her club volleyball one year short, she was able to accumulate 5 national championships. However, 5 isn’t enough. Elli wants to finish out her last season for her club team, Top Select 18, by remaining the #1 ranked team in the country. Follow @elli_mckissock on the Press Sports App to keep up with her stellar club career, and to watch her success at the University of Florida.

Elijah Green: Baseball Athlete of the Week

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“Fast car, NASCAR, race on ‘em.” While these are merely lyrics from Elijah Green’s favorite artist, Lil Uzi Vert, they metaphorically represent his style of play; fast. 6.65 60-yard dash fast. The 6’2”, 190 pound outfielder and right-handed pitcher has already earned himself the number one spot in the 2022 Florida state rankings. If this isn’t impressive enough, he’s also the number four overall player in the nation. Currently, the University of Miami received the honor of getting the 15-year old’s verbal commitment, which should be a great fit for the Florida-native.

Elijah attends TNXL Academy, which is a program for elite high-school baseball players to perfect their craft every day instead of being stuck inside a classroom. Don’t let this fool you though, Elijah still sports a 3.5 GPA, and has received an “A” in math every semester since grade school. When he’s not on the diamond or solving equations, Elijah enjoys playing video games, especially Fortnite and MLB the Show.

Elijah understands that his speed separates him from the average high school ball player. In fact, his favorite athlete was one of the fastest players in the NFL, Deion Sanders. However, Elijah is more than just a base runner. He compares his game to that of Mike Trout’s, which means he can just about do it all. Elijah dreams of making it to the Big Leagues, and while he has plenty of impressive highlights himself, he enjoys using the Press Sports App to watch other athlete’s highlights showing his humble character. Whether it’s at the University of Miami, or the Miami Marlins, expect to hear about Elijah Green for many years to come and follow him on Press Sports to watch his career develop.

Article by Rich Stanzione – IG @r_stanzione

Emma Kauf- Softball Player of the Week

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Lincoln Southwest senior Emma Kauf plays with determination that isn’t common among players of her age. To be Nebraska’s Gatorade Player of the Year takes an endless amount of work ethic and drive that coaches can only dream of. The senior catcher was elected captain of her team and led them to a Class A Nebraska state championship this past season earning her a second nod to the First Team Omaha World-Herald All-Nebraska selection. Kauf, who just recently signed to play at Georgia Tech, batted .570 with 22 home runs, 60 RBIs and a state single-season record, 81 runs scored. Atop of all her impressive accolades, she also set a state career record for home runs (59), RBI (214) and runs (236).

Kauf, who just recently graduated from Lincoln Southwest, has an explosive bat and powerful arm behind the plate. With a weighted GPA of 4.31, Emma Kauf has chosen to major in Biology, and will continue to succeed on the field and in the classroom for Georgia Tech. Emma’s most impressive statistic was setting a career record for most homeruns in Nebraska, with 59. This outstanding statistic contributed to Kauf leading her team to victory over undefeated Papillion LaVista twice in the state championship. Kauf’s uniqueness comes from the fact that she bats left-handed and throws right-handed, much like Sis Bates, who is one of the best lefty hitters and righty throwers in the game today. Aside from softball, Kauf also played basketball and was a shooting guard for Lincoln Southwest.

Something many people may not know about Kauf is that in her off time she loves to play with her dogs and go on bike rides. She has a big superstition surrounding her nail polish color and what jewelry she wears and in her own words, Kauf loves Press Sports because “it allows athletes to show off their skills to other athletes within the same sport.” Emma’s aspiration is to one day help others by becoming a veterinarian. Emma is currently the #1 ranked softball player on the app, and we look forward to following her successes as she plays for Georgia Tech.

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Article by Breanna Roper