Calvert Clark: Press Sports Athlete of the Week

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Recently, several pro athletes have been calling attention to the fact that the superstars we all look up to on TV are more than just athletes. Many of them give back to the community, enjoy hobbies outside of sports, and are involved in the business world. Calvert Clark is certainly an example of a young superstar who is far more than just the 19th ranked Class of 2022 baseball player in the country.

His ability to lead by example on the field is only part of what makes him such a unique prospect at a young age. At home, he likes to relax through playing the piano with his best song being “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. Outside of playing the piano, his favorite artist is Alicia Keys and he enjoys watching the TV show “13 Reasons Why” as it is a great reminder to treat all people with respect because you never know what somebody is going through in life. His favorite class at Charlotte Christian School is Old Testament as he finds comfort in studying the word of God and often refers to Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Calvert’s grandfather introduced him to baseball on the front steps of their home in Queens, New York. They would play catch together routinely allowing Calvert to develop a deep passion for the game at a young age. Despite growing up experiencing an incredible amount of success on the field, Calvert still looks back on the time he was able to spend playing catch with his grandfather as his some of his favorite memories in sports.

As a member of the highly scouted Team Elite 15u Prime, some of Calvert’s best moments on the field have come over the summer. Most notably in a 14u WWBA elimination game when he went 2-2 with a go ahead home run late in the game. Calvert recalls the count being 1-0 when he took a juicy fastball high and inside making it 1-1, “I stepped out thinking he would go to his changeup because I knew he had a good one, but he repeated with a high fastball and this time I got the barrel out in front and hit it over the left field fence about 320 feet. When I came to home plate with my teammates waiting for me I was the happiest 7th grader I could be.” There’s no doubt that Calvert woke up and crushed his lucky breakfast of a bagel, scrambled eggs and bacon with apple juice that morning like he does before every summer baseball game.

While Calvert’s favorite player may be New York Yankee Aaron Hicks, his style of play is most similar to that of Matt Kemp. Both outfielders who have powerful, high finishing swings and the ability to turn on the jets when they need to. Calvert plans to continue his basketball career through high school, however, his ultimate goal is to play in the major leagues and give back to his family, who he credits for all of his opportunities and success.

Having already received offers from UNC Charlotte, Kentucky and Miami; we are confident that this young man has an incredibly bright future ahead and we are looking forward to seeing footage of all his best moments on Press Sports. Become a fan of Calvert on the app @Calvert.Clark4.

Genevieve Richards: Press Sports Female Athlete of the Week

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Winning the state championship is a major accomplishment for any high school athlete. However, leading your team to back- to-back state titles as an underclassman puts you in a different league. We are excited to announce our first female Athlete of the Week is Genevieve Richards, the sophomore volleyball standout who attends the Heritage School in Newnan, Georgia. While her outstanding play on the court is what has begun to attract interest from several college coaches, her perfect 4.0 GPA may be her greatest accomplishment. It’s no surprise given her academic excellence, Genevieve’s top schools of interest are Davidson, Stanford, NYU, and UNC; all prestigious institutions.

On the court, Genevieve takes pride in her relentless competitiveness and ability to provide constant encouragement for her teammates, both factors that make her unique to other athletes her age. Outside of school Genevieve plays for A5 South, an organization considered by many to be the most elite volleyball club in the nation. Her favorite memories on the court include winning the 14u AAU national title with A5, being runner-up to the national champions in 15u, and the back-to-back state titles for Heritage. Her most impressive personal performance came during her freshman year high school state championship game where she scored 9 out of the 15 points in the decisive fifth set. Genevieve looks up to as well as maintains a friendship with Stanford volleyball standout Jenna Gray, who has set an excellent example of what it takes to excel at the next level.  Although she does not consider herself to be superstitious, Genevieve does always wear number 3 while playing.

Genevieve comes from a family of elite athletes: both parents have been competing all over the world on the U.S. Equestrian Team for many years, and her mother won the bronze medal at the Athens Olympic Games. Currently Genevieve is working hard towards her primary goal of playing volleyball at a prestigious university and majoring in her favorite subject in school, which is biology. What many people don’t know is that she has a true passion for making art and hopes to one day have the opportunity to pursue that full time following her volleyball and academic career. All of us at Press Sports have no doubt that Genevieve will have extreme success at the next level no matter where she chooses to continue her career!

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Isaac Nunez: Press Sports Male Athlete of The Week

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A select few high school baseball players have the “IT” factor. When we saw one of the most iconic bat flips of all time posted on the app from Florida Gator commit, Isaac Nunez, we knew he had “IT”. The senior from Lake Brantley High School in Florida has garnered attention from the whole southeast; receiving offers from UF, FSU, Alabama, and Auburn. With a 3.67 GPA and his skills on the diamond, this isn’t shocking. In the classroom Isaac is most interested in his AP anatomy class when he’s not hitting homers. Nunez is no doubt on the right track to succeed in Gainesville if he does not sign in the 2019 MLB Draft.

One of his most impressive games was in the district playoffs when Nunez came in clutch with a walk-off two run homerun. Isaac knows how to ignite the crowd and is humble and confident. The hard work he puts in when nobody is watching is what allows him to excel when the game is on the line. Isaac’s favorite sports memory came at the age of 12 when his mom traveled far to watch him play. He proceeded to hit four homeruns in that single game, bringing her to tears. As you can see, he’s got the “IT” factor.

Isaac enjoys rocking out to Nav or Green Day and looks up to Javier Baez and Kobe Bryant. His favorite show is ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ while the favorite movie of his is ‘Juice’ about 2pac. In his free time, Isaac likes to kick back with the boys and crush some Fortnite. Surprisingly, the first sport he ever played was tennis, and we don’t doubt that he had some serious power on the court. Although Isaac has had an already stellar high school career, he is still working hard, focusing on one step at a time, with the long term goal of eventually making it to the Big Leagues to support his family. We are excited to see highlights of this talented young man’s career as it unfolds on Press Sports. Follow him on the app @isaacnunez.

Jake Miller: Press Sports Athlete of the Week

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In the recent past, a few extremely talented baseball players have helped elevate Louisville’s program to the top of both the ACC and all of division one baseball.  Jacob Miller, although he is going to be in high school until 2022, looks poised to add another name to that list. The talented pitcher from Liberty Union High School in Baltimore, Ohio had attracted the interest of other college powerhouses such as LSU and Mississippi State before deciding on Louisville as his future home.  Miller’s electric fastball, touching 87 at only 14 years old, has both the Louisville coaching staff and professional scouts alike salivating over his potential.

Miller’s favorite pitcher is another right hander with an explosive arsenal, Walker Buehler and his mindset also mirrors the Dodgers ace.  Miller said, “I have a great mindset on the mound and it makes the hitters know that I’m going to come right after them”. Miller may differ from some pitchers as he also has added athleticism that likely explains his impressive velocity at such a young age.  He plays basketball and runs track when not on the diamond and enjoys competing in friendly 3 on 3 basketball tournaments with his friends and teammates.

Like a lot of young athletes in 2019, Jacob enjoys gearing up for games by listening to Lil Uzi Vert and his favorite video game is MLB: The Show.  One day, Miller hopes that he will be able to play as himself in a video game as his ultimate goal is to make it to the MLB. We at Press would not be surprised if that happened in the future as Miller has both the skills and attitude to achieve his athletic dreams.  Miller has already posted one 16 strikeout 1 hit performance and we will keep watching to see what he does next.

Nasim Nunez: Press Sports Athlete of the Week

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Nasim Nunez is easily one of the most exciting high school baseball players in the country. With his rare athleticism and a polished, smooth defensive skill set, Nunez has what it takes to be just as exciting at the college and professional level. Entering his senior year of high school, Nunez still has room to grow and his potential has scouts paying attention.  His ability to hit from both sides of the plate is also a skill that separates him from the majority of his peers.

Nunez attends Collins Hills High School in Suwanee, Georgia.  Nunez primarily plays middle infield, playing both SS and 2B, but can also serve as a RHP. displayed their affinity for Nunez’s abilities, stating “Nunez has quick hands and feet and the arm to make any throw from any angle.” Nunez’s speed is perhaps the most tantalizing part of his overall game.  He ran a 6.28 60-yard dash which would put him in the upper echelon of even the fastest major league speedsters.

Perfect Game USA recorded Nunez with some rather impressive stats, showcasing both his athleticism and skill level.  He showcased his extremely strong arm by throwing not only 95 from the infield but also 91 off the mound.  Although his future is in the infield, he has plenty of potential to pitch in the ACC.

In November, Nunez officially committed to Clemson University.  Even though he received offers from Alabama State, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida State, and Vanderbilt, he felt the Tigers were the perfect fit for him. He stated, “It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. I love the people there, and I love the coaches and the program. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”  There is no doubt that Nasim Nunez is going to be a pain for opposing teams in the ACC.

Aaron McLaughlin: Press Sports Athlete of the Week

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Growing up a quarterback in Georgia, there are a plethora of idols to look up to.  Justin Fields, Jake Fromm, Trevor Lawrence and more have become overnight starts in the last few years.  In the near future, Aaron McLaughlin could be a name of similar prestige across the country. The sophomore quarterback from Denmark High School has already received 29 offers including offers from Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, and Michigan, but has yet to narrow down his decision as of right now. On top of his on-field excellence, Aaron has also excelled in the classroom maintaining an impressive 3.5 GPA.

Quarterbacks tend to model their game after a particular player, and Aaron has worked to model his game after his favorite athlete, 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is known for his remarkable athleticism, as well as having a powerful arm. Aaron fits the mold as he says his most impressive stat from this year was a 70-yard rushing touchdown. Quarterbacks must also be able to take charge of the game and the team in certain situations, and Aaron says that his leadership skills are what sets him apart from other quarterbacks.  

Outside the football field, Aaron spends his time hanging out with friends and playing Fortnite. He enjoys rap music with Travis Scott, his go to artist. When asked about Press Sports, Aaron responded; “I like how it is a social media platform specifically for athletes to interact. It’s the first of its kind.”

If you have not already, take the time to get on Press Sports App and become a fan of Aaron McLaughlin (@aaronmclaughlin). We’re excited to follow his career as he continues to the next level.

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Will Stax: Press Sports Athlete of the Week

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Lacrosse is quickly becoming a part of the Southeast sports scene and competing with established pastimes like baseball and football.  No one in the state of Georgia has put his influence on the scene like Milton’s Will Stax. The Junior has committed to continue his career at the Air Force Academy and clearly has the work ethic to handle the rigorous environment a military academy presents.  Stax has maintained a stellar 4.0 GPA while taking challenging courses.

In addition to his impressive exploits in the classroom, Stax has been making waves on the field.  An impressive run in 2018, including wining the 2018 Naptown Challenge against the #1 ranked team in the country, led to Inside Lacrosse naming him as one of the Southeast’s best prospects.  Stax’s speed has stood out to recruiters and opponents both and he believes it is a skill that makes him unique among his peers.  His ability to combine pure speed with a high lacrosse IQ makes him virtually unstoppable. His background playing football, he is a 2018 state champion, gives him an added element of toughness that some do not possess.

Like any good athlete from Atlanta, his favorite professional athlete is the Falcons’ Julio Jones who he admires for his humble approach on the field.  Stax also understands the importance of giving back to the community as he is the co-head coach of a middle school lacrosse team where he aims to continue the development of the sport he loves in the area he grew up in.  After he completes his lacrosse career at Air Force, he dreams about becoming a pilot for a major airline so that he can travel across the world with his family. Will’s dedication in the classroom, community, and on the field give every indication that he will succeed in anything he does.

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Druw Jones of Wesleyan School

Press Sports Athlete of the Week: Druw Jones

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Druw Jones, the son of legendary Atlanta Braves slugger Andruw Jones, is set to graduate from Wesleyan School in 2022. Even though he is just beginning high school, the freshman already has the potential for an exciting college career ahead as Perfect Game has ranked him as a top 10 player in the class of 2022.

Should he end up pursuing an academic career after he graduates from Wesleyan, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so with his 3.5 GPA and a love for history. Druw is currently considering college offers from Auburn, Miami and Georgia Tech but has named his top three as Vandy, Florida, and Miami.

Druw, who lists his favorite athletes as Nolan Arenado and Mike Trout, says baseball is his favorite sport; however, that doesn’t keep him from flashing serious skills on the basketball court as well. Furthermore, his favorite memories so far have been not only a 25-point basketball game, but also beating the Evoshield Canes National as a member of the 15u 643 Cougars Pedraza Club.

Currently, Druw is focused on being a great teammate and working diligently to improve his speed, pitching and outfield velocity. As man of little words, Druw’s father keeps his advice simple: “Just catch the ball and keep your throws low, one hope the base.” This holds weight coming from a 10x Gold Glove Winner and 5x MLB All-Star.

Above all, he’s thankful for his family as well as his maturity and ability to keep the game simple by following his father’s advice. As Druw Jones put it himself, his biggest aspiration in life is to fulfill his dream of playing in the MLB and being featured on a sports video game. With Druw’s hard work and dedication, this is one dream that might just come true for this young high school prodigy.

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Treyton Rank - Dominion Christian High School

Press Sports Athlete of the Week: Treyton Rank

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When it comes to amazing athletic versatility, it’s hard to top Treyton Rank. This young man plays three sports — baseball, football and basketball — at a highly competitive level. He says that football is actually his best sport. If that’s not enough, he does all of this while maintaining an impressive 3.9 GPA.

Treyton Rank is currently a sophomore at Dominion Christian High School in Marietta, GA and is steadily preparing to move on to the next phase of his athletic and academic career. He has recently committed to Florida State for baseball after giving careful consideration to other very generous offers including Vanderbilt and Oklahoma.

Florida State is excited for Treyton to bring his athletic gifts to campus. Playing for the East Cobb Astros, Treyton took part in a very highly scouted WWBA game. During the course of this memorable game, Treyton pitched a two-hitter and was sitting at 88 mph while going 3-for-3, including a 3-run homerun…making him a bona fide two-way prospect for Florida State. He has recently made strides to hit 90 mph and these are skills that will definitely help him succeed during the coming years.

Of course there is more to life than just sports… even for an exceptional college-bound athlete like Treyton Rank. He also loves to go fishing and hang out at the lake during his off time. He an avid music lover, listing such artists as 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Jason Aldean among his favorites.

No matter how it turns out, these upcoming seasons are going to be ones to remember for Treyton. We hope he goes all the way with his goals of getting drafted by an MLB team and being able to buy his dad (aka the GOAT) a nice house.

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R.J. Yeager - Press Sports Athlete of the Week

Press Sports Athlete of the Week: R.J. Yeager

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Infielders are often known for their defense plays and not their batting averages. Mercer University’s R.J. Yeager is an exception. The sophomore from Panama City led the Bears in assists and had a .995 fielding percentage while batting .324, the third best average on the team over his freshman season. He did all of this while maintaining a 3.8 grade point average in the classroom. Needless to say, we’re honored to feature R.J. as our Press Sports Athlete of the Week.

You could say baseball is in R.J.’s blood. His father was drafted by the Boston Red Sox and played baseball at Gulf State College. As an infielder at Mosley High School, R.J. wasn’t getting many looks from recruiters his freshman and sophomore seasons.

“My junior year, I got bigger and filled out more,” R.J. said. “This led to many schools showing interest in me. Over the summer of my junior year playing for Team Elite, Mercer watched me and offered me a scholarship. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

His favorite sports memory is of a game when he played short and his brother played second base in high school. As the shortstop for Mercer baseball, R.J. started all 60 games his freshman year. He was named a 2018 Collegiate Baseball Freshman All-American, a 2018 NCBWA Freshman All-American and was added to the Brooks Wallace Award Watch List.

R.J. attributes his freshman year success to workouts, his father and his coaches. He advises other athletes to work harder than everyone else.

“You have to remember that there is always somebody out there that is better than you, so you have to work harder,” R.J. said. “There may be people with more talent, but (you have) no excuse for someone to outwork you.”

Outside of baseball, R.J. Yeager enjoys hunting, fishing, playing Fortnite with friends and strumming his ukulele (bet you didn’t see that coming).

His ultimate goal is to get drafted to and make it to the MLB.  With his abilities and work ethic, we believe in him to reach that goal.

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