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We believe every athlete has a story worth sharing. We provide a platform where users can have agency over telling their individual sports stories.

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Our free app is a safe platform where every athlete is recognized, whether it be from teams, colleges, or other users. Connect and engage with teammates, rivals, and other athletes across your community.

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Athletes get discovered through posting their training, practice and game clips while also connecting with other users inside the app. Through their unique ATHLETEID number, athletes are able to verify their measurables through our partners.

Press Sports Reviews & Ratings

Press Sports App is Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on the App Store
Layla Collins

I have met new athletes through this app who I have spoken to that have the same experiences as me. We are able to support and encourage each other, all though we may be far away! I love how there is such a great community of athletes on Press Sports and I'm so glad I joined :).

Gage Gibbons

Since joining Press Sports I have been able to connect with other athletes across the USA and become friends with them. Even though we don’t live close to each other I have been enjoying getting to know new people and reading about their sports journey.

Dylan Freely

I think Press Sports is a great place to not only showcase & share your highlights, skills & passion but it's also a place to just be you. Whether it be seriously training in the weight room or goofing off with your teammates, it's a safe place to interact with other athletes.

Ava Walker

I was so excited when I came across the Press Sports app, because I knew that this app was exactly what I needed. I can post all of the videos and pictures I want, and college coaches and recruits can follow me and see what I can do.

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Recruiters and players from every level of college athletics use Press Sports.

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