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Promoting your club, team and players is a big job. Press Sports makes it easy to capture and share footage with college coaches while helping you attract the best talent. Get started by downloading the app.

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Coaches and players from every level of college athletics use Press Sports

Why Clubs and Teams Use Press Sports

Help Your Players Get Noticed

Easy & Free Athlete Profile

Thousands of college coaches are using the app every day to discover talent. By encouraging your players to join and fill out their profiles, you are helping them self-promote and increase their odds of getting noticed by coaches.

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Easy Sharing

Share Footage To Other Socials

Easily share your players’ highlights to your other social media pages directly from Press Sports.

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Get Exposure For Your Team or Club

Attract New Talent

Market your school or club to potential future members of your team, and even find and recruit players looking for a club to join through our user rankings. Building a presence on the app and sharing quality content can help you attract new talent to tryout for your team or club.

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