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Why Dylan Feely Chose To Focus On Volleyball Over Being A Multi-Sport Athlete

Dylan started playing volleyball in the 4th grade while also playing basketball, baseball and doing track & field. He eventually focused on just volleyball because he felt it was a true Team Sport. Every player on the court needed to contribute their best collective efforts in order for the team to be successful and win. And that no one individual player got all the credit. Dylan felt that this was the sport in which he could thrive & be successful even though he was considered short when he first started out. But he thought that if he continually showed up to train hard everyday and think positively, he could play like the best of them. Dylan was and is very determined to succeed in the sport of volleyball by never self-doubting himself, persevering and being better than he was yesterday. Dylan will continue his academic career and play D-I volleyball at Quincy University in the fall. He feels very blessed & appreciative of the love & support from his family, friends & coaches to help him get to where he is today. His best advice to kids out there is to believe in yourself, work hard in silence and let your success make the noise!

“I think Press Sports is a great place to not only showcase & share your highlights, skills & passion but it’s also a place to just be you. Whether it be seriously training in the weight room or goofing off with your teammates, it’s relatively a safe place to interact with other athletes & appreciate what they have to offer regardless of the type of sport you’re playing.” – Dylan Feely

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