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Welcome, Parents!

Press Sports was started by former athletes to give athletes (or their parents) a place to capture and share sports moments. You’ll find kids playing sports for the first time, as well as 1st round draft picks. Mostly importantly, you’ll find a supportive community.

Parent Reviews of Press Sports

I am the mom of three boys who played high school sports but never had an opportunity for exposure like Press Sports offers. I really think it’s great and has a lot of potential. Can’t wait to see where it goes!

Apple App Store Review by turnitup997

I have been uploading highlights of my son, and this is perfect! Now I have somewhere not only to store my boy’s highlights, but to show my friends what my boy is doing!

App Store Review by RickWill63

I am collecting all the videos for my daughter's soccer game. She is just 6 year old but she is loving it. It will be best memory bank as soccer player. Her coach and friends start following her. Keep up the good work Press Team.

App Store Review by YScorpio

We live in Southern California and my son got a call one day out of the blue from USC. He never even told me he downloaded an account, but thanks so much to Press Sports! My son is now going to college!!! Love the app!

App Store Review by K-sta

Why Parents Use Press Sports

Easy Place to Capture Sport Moments

Every Moment for Every Athlete

Our mission at Press Sports is to make it easy for every athlete share their unique sports journey. Posting content is easy and it’s a simple way to begin sharing your child’s journey with friends and family so they never miss an important moment.

Start Capturing

Connect & Gain Support

Athletes From Every Sport & Level

Press Sports offers a unique opportunity to bring people together to support each other by making it easy to find athletes at the same level and in the same sport. The result is a positive community that supports an athlete’s journey through shared moments.

Start Connecting

Positive & Safe

A Community that Keeps it Positive

Unlike other big social platforms, Press Sports provides a positive community where athletes feel supported to share their big plays, as well as their struggles.

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Share & Gain Exposure

Get Your Profile Seen by Coaches, Athletes & Fans (and Grandparents)

Regardless of your goals, gaining exposure is easy with Press Sports. College coaches and athletes from every level use the app daily making it a great place to build an online athlete profile that you can fully control.

Start Gaining Exposure

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September 13, 2022

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August 5, 2022

Savannah Prentice

Savannah has been a cheerleader for 7 years now. She started Sideline Cheer in 6th grade and continued it all the way through high school. Freshman year, she started all-star…
June 20, 2022

Gage Pavliska

Gage Pavliska started playing baseball when he was 4 years old. His older cousin played baseball and Gage had fallen in love with the sport the first time he ever…
June 13, 2022

Ava Walker

Ava Walker’s cheer journey started with another sport, gymnastics! She was 9 years old and had just moved to a new town, so she wanted to meet some friends and…

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Coaches and players from every level of college athletics use Press Sports

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