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College Sports Recruiting

  • Athletes

    Develop your athletic profile, build your fan base, and connect with coaches

  • Coaches

    Monitor the progress of prospects and quickly access his/her transcripts and test scores

  • Fans and Parents

    Interact with other fans, athletes, and coaches by following and hyping up their posts


  • Post highlights from multiple sports
  • Upload your academic resume and contact information for college coaches to access
  • Make it in the top trending page called the hypezone


  • Keep an eye on prospects
  • Get quick access to transcripts, test scores and contact info
  • For the first time, see footage of a prospect in multiple sports

Fans and Parents

  • Follow your favorite athletes and coaches
  • Post and cherish your child’s athletic memories forever
  • Be a part of your athletic community

The Press Sports App is the first free sports video app where athletes, coaches, fans and parents connect to view and share sports highlights. We discovered a heavy negative stigma surrounding athletes posting footage of their own achievements on social media. Because of this, we created a platform where athletes can build a fan base of people who actually want to see their sports highlights throughout their career.

It became clear that if athletes were building fan bases and bringing attention to their best achievements from whichever sports they play, college coaches would gain interest in following prospects on the app as they progress through school. Press Sports will give verified college coaches easy access to contact information, transcripts and test scores, so they can know instantly if a prospect has the ability to succeed at their school. We are on the cutting edge of college sports recruiting tools.

We are excited to provide families and communities a place to store all their most prized memories from sports. No longer will athletes look back on their careers with nothing but a few pictures and trophies to show for it. The time to Create Your Own Press is now!

App Features


The hz on the bottom menu bar will bring you to the top trending page called the hypezone
Click the h to hype (or repost) to your own fan base
Click the view count icon to see who has hyped and liked a post
Click the clapping hand emoji to like a post
The search icon in the top left is how you search for other users


All the original plays that you post of yourself
Anything you hype, plus your MyPlays
Only athlete profiles have Contact Info/Academic, and can only be seen by verified coach accounts
The discover icon is how you access the suggested page from your profile. Click to find other users nearby who are play your sports.


The hypezone is the top trending page where the most viewed plays from the last three days can be found
Click to filter hypezone results by sport, gender, level, graduation year, location and commitment status
Click to clear out any applied filters



  • You can edit your sports highlight videos in the iMovie app if you want to put multiple videos into one post or use slow motion.
  • We encourage all athletes to post footage from the weight room, which makes it easy for coaches to see your progress over time.


  • When possible, use Wi-Fi, which will help the app function faster.
  • We encourage parents to make profiles on behalf of their children under the age of 13. This will allow the child to have a profile that covers the entire span of his or her athletic career.



What are the differences between the types of accounts?

Athlete, coach and fan accounts can be identified by colored circles around profiles pictures as well as the banner at the bottom of them. Athlete accounts have greens circles, coaches have red and fans have yellow.

Coach accounts must be verified to get a blue checkmark and verified coaches have the exclusive ability to access athletes contact info and resume pages.

Athletes have the ability to declare their status as committed, uncommitted or not seeking recruitment to allow coaches to know whether or not they are available to be recruited as well as display what level they compete at.

Fan accounts are the most basic type of account and allow anyone to interact with their athletic community.

How do I delete or report a post?

Currently, you cannot delete posts. However, you can contact the Press Support Team at and request for a post to be deleted.

What is a casual athlete?

A casual athlete is any person who considers themselves to be an athlete, but does not compete at the youth, high school, college or professional level.


Can my under 13 year old child make an account?

All users must be over the age of 13 however we encourage parents to make profiles on behalf of their kids so that they can have a profile that covers the whole span of their careers.

Will this app help my child get a scholarship?

That’s our intention, although we are not a recruiting service. The Press Sports App is a tool for both coaches and athletes to use. If your child gets the attention of a college coach, that coach can immediately look at his or her Press profile and see your child’s progression in whatever sports they play, as well as know if they are an academic fit.

Can I upload videos of my child to Press?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage this because we want athletes to have profiles that display their entire athletic careers, start to finish. As long as all posts are sports related, they will not be deleted by the Press Support team.


How do I make the video post without extra space on the top or bottom?

If you are posting a screen recording, we recommend you crop it in the iMovie app, and post an edited version.


  • “I wish Press Sports App was around when I was in high school. This is a game changer for recruiting, every athlete/coach/parent should check it out.”
    – Mark Teixeira, Former New York Yankee, Business Entrepreneur
  • “Nobody else offers the depth of what you are going to be offering coaches”
    – Eric Hayes, Mercer University, D1 Tennis Coach
  • “This app is very well put together. Constant updates to improve. Share your highlights with other athletes and coaches all around to see”
    – Julian Nixon – College Athlete
  • “I really like the app. I like how it’s kinda like Instagram, so you can just scroll from video to video.”
    – Julie Cohan – High School Athlete
  • “Huge potential to upload sports highlights everyday to your fans for them to comment, like or hype the video. Very cool app if you play sports or are a fan of sports, would have been great to have this in High School.”
    Grant Haley – New York Giants Cornerback
  • “Love this app and watching everyone’s videos”
    – Conner Whittaker


We want our sports video platform to be as user friendly as possible! If you are experiencing any problems or have feedback to help us make your experience on the app better, please email:

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