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Ava Walker's Journey From Gymnastics To Cheerleading

Ava Walker’s cheer journey started with another sport, gymnastics! She was 9 years old and had just moved to a new town, so she wanted to meet some friends and thought joining a gymnastics class was the perfect idea. She ended up loving it and competed in gymnastics for 3 years. After she won the state championship, she decided she wanted a break. She took off the next year and ended up changing schools. Some of her new friends invited her to a middle school cheer practice and she ended up loving cheer even more than gymnastics. That first season she did middle school cheer, all star cheer, and school competition cheer. The next year she made her school’s varsity large coed team, so she started taking coed partner stunt classes to prepare for high school cheer. She ended up developing a huge passion for partner stunting and is addicted to it. She loved partner stunting so much that she decided she wanted to pursue collegiate cheer. Nowadays she spends everyday at cheer practice, tumble lessons, or just partner stunting for fun and hopes that all of this work will pay off and she will make a college cheer team!

“When I decided that I wanted to pursue cheer at the collegiate level, I knew that I needed a way for coaches and recruits to be able to see my skills. I was so excited when I came across the Press Sports app, because I knew that this app was exactly what I needed. I can post all of the videos and pictures I want, and college coaches and recruits can follow me and see what I can do. Having a way to show my skills online makes it so much more convenient and helps financially, so that I don’t have to travel to colleges as often. I have also made so many connections and friendships through Press Sports, whether it’s fellow athletes or even coaches. Everyone in the Press Sports community is so uplifting and encouraging. I’m so grateful to be apart of this amazing family.” – Ava Walker

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