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Jordan Olarewaju's Soccer Journey From Nigeria To The United States

Jordan Olarewaju began kicking the ball as early as he could remember. Growing up in Nigeria he was surrounded with nothing but football which then surmounted to him embracing unconditional love for the beautiful game. Eventually landing in the United States, Jordan continued to persevere through the mind boggling culture change and believes he has found his fit. He continues to play varsity for his beloved High school team hoping to achieve and win more. Jordan is the hardest and the smartest worker there is in the game. He didn’t need flashy trophies and medals at a young age to make him feel special; all he needed was God and his GRIT. He knows where he’s headed and he will get there as long as all the right pieces fall into place for him.

“Press sports has advanced my athletic journey in terms of exposure and recognition by other and similar athletes. It helps me know that I’m not alone on this journey and that there are people out there who somewhat share the same passion. I am yet to receive follows from coaches and clubs, but I believe that one day press sports can assist me with that, elevating my game and accompanying me to that next level.” – Jordan Olarewaju

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