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Ryan MacElhinney

Ryan MacElhinney started playing lacrosse in the first grade. He was inspired by his older brother who played at the time and when he first picked up a stick he fell in love with the game. Ryan has played for Carmel his whole life and has mostly been a starter because of his heart for the game and how he always puts 110% into how he plays. He started as an 8th grader on Carmel’s JV lacrosse team and just finished his 2nd season as a freshman on JV. Ryan is working the hardest he has ever worked this off season so he can get a chance to play Varsity next season. He is always working on his skills, speed and strength and no matter if he just had a game or a long practice he will be outside for hours practicing. Ryan’s goal is to go to college to play lacrosse one day and he works hard everyday to try and achieve his dream.

“I just started press sports about a month ago and it has already given me some attention from other players on the app who give me tips and make me want to just work even harder to reach my goal of college lacrosse.
Press Sports has allowed me to connect with other athletes and share my own highlights and experiences. I also enjoy seeing other athletes content and sometimes use coaches tips and drills to improve my own game.
” – Ryan MacElhinney

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