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Kaitlynn Swartz's Lifelong Connection With Volleyball Is A Family Thing

Kaitlynn Swartz started playing volleyball at St Brendans when she was in fourth grade and she is now going to be a senior. Her 3 cousins played when they were younger and her mom played all of middle and high school. Her mom continued to play beach after she had Kaitlynn, she would always go watch her and wanted to play too. Her entire life she’s has a connection with volleyball. Kaitlynn made her 7th grade volleyball team and helped them achieve 4th place in the overall tournament. She then made the 8th grade team the next year and served 19 balls in a row for a 25-4 win. Kaitlynn then started high school and made JV as an all around outside, she eventually was a libero. Halfway through the season Kaitlynn got put on Varsity as a freshman playing a DS. She was on Varsity her sophomore year too. Her junior year she became the libero and stepped up her skills in order to help the team. She started club in seventh grade, she made the EVBTC 13 Blue team her first year. Her 14 year she helped the team achieve 2, 1st place, 2, 2nd place and 3, 3rd place awards. Her 15 year she got moved up to the 16 National team at Elite. Her actual 16 year she made the same team with a different coach that improved her skill so much more. She has been a libero for every club season since and her skills have greatly improved the past few years.

“Press Sports has given me the chance to show off my skill and get noticed by coaches and other players. It’s allowed me to connect with other volleyball players around the country and talk about the sport we love. It’s helped me make some new friends who share an interest with me. Through Press Sports we can all help each other and learn from each other. We can also support each other and cheer everyone on for their amazing digs, hits or sets. You can even see people that play other sports and cheer them on.” – Kaitlynn Swartz

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