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Druw Jones Discusses How Press Sports Has Helped Him Inspire Young Athletes

I started playing baseball at 3 years old and was just surrounded by the game since I was young because of my dad, Andruw Jones. My dad wasn’t around to watch me play when I was super young, so my grandpa taught me a lot about the game and still to this day will come throw with me and watch me play. My dad is now retired and comes to watch my games and tells me things I can do to be the best version of myself at all times.

I’m currently a junior at Wesleyan School in Georgia and play Varsity Baseball and I will be playing for FTB/Phillies Scout Team in the Summer of 2021. I want to be able to play for Team USA one day and represent the country and be a part of the journey that goes along with that.

“Press Sports helped me get my videos out there to other athletes and so that I can inspire people to become the best player they can, and holding the #1 player for baseball in 2022 for a long time allowed me to connect with younger athletes.” – Druw Jones

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