The Johnson Bros: Tervell and Termarr are on the Rise

Melvin and Justin Upton, step aside, there’s a new brother duo on the rise. Younger brother Termarr Johnson, and older brother, Tervell Johnson, are two studs out of the Peach State. Tervell, class of 2020, is an outfielder/catcher and a Georgia Tech commit. Termarr, class of 2022, plays a multitude of positions and is currently deciding between Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Family is very important to the Johnson’s while Termarr’s idol is Tervell, and Tervell’s dream is to play in the Big Leagues with or against his brother. When Tervell was asked if he would try to convince his younger brother to commit to Georgia Tech he exclaimed, “Every day!”

Starting with the younger brother, Termarr is currently the number 3 overall recruit and number 1 middle infielder in the nation. He didn’t earn these rankings by luck, as he has put up some crazy statistics such as 3 home runs in one game. Throughout all his success, his favorite memory is still hitting his first career home run. Termarr is more than just a baseball player as he sports a 3.9 GPA and thoroughly enjoys mathematics. When he’s not on the diamond, he enjoys running it back on MLB the Show, listening to Young Thug, and also likes to dance. While all these may be fun, nothing compares to the excitement he gets from playing ball. To see Termarr’s highlights and track his commitment, follow him on the Press Sports App @Termarrrr!

Older brother, Tervell, already knows where his future lays, at Georgia Tech. Tervell is the definition of a student-athlete, as he loves biology and made his commitment to Tech because they, “valued not only athletics but education.” Picking a school for academics is a very responsible choice from a talented athlete as it gives him the option to be successful in both the business and athletic worlds. This doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still a monster athlete, once hitting 3 home runs and accumulating 10 RBIs in a single game. He models his play after Tommy Pham, and we at Press Sports agree with this comparison. Outside of baseball, Tervell enjoys hanging out with his brother, listening to Young Thug, and playing Call of Duty. We’re excited to see his success at Georgia Tech, and you can follow him too on the Press Sports App @Tervell!

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