Nasim Nunez: Press Sports Athlete of the Week

Nasim Nunez is easily one of the most exciting high school baseball players in the country. With his rare athleticism and a polished, smooth defensive skill set, Nunez has what it takes to be just as exciting at the college and professional level. Entering his senior year of high school, Nunez still has room to grow and his potential has scouts paying attention.  His ability to hit from both sides of the plate is also a skill that separates him from the majority of his peers.

Nunez attends Collins Hills High School in Suwanee, Georgia.  Nunez primarily plays middle infield, playing both SS and 2B, but can also serve as a RHP. displayed their affinity for Nunez’s abilities, stating “Nunez has quick hands and feet and the arm to make any throw from any angle.” Nunez’s speed is perhaps the most tantalizing part of his overall game.  He ran a 6.28 60-yard dash which would put him in the upper echelon of even the fastest major league speedsters.

Perfect Game USA recorded Nunez with some rather impressive stats, showcasing both his athleticism and skill level.  He showcased his extremely strong arm by throwing not only 95 from the infield but also 91 off the mound.  Although his future is in the infield, he has plenty of potential to pitch in the ACC.

In November, Nunez officially committed to Clemson University.  Even though he received offers from Alabama State, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida State, and Vanderbilt, he felt the Tigers were the perfect fit for him. He stated, “It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. I love the people there, and I love the coaches and the program. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”  There is no doubt that Nasim Nunez is going to be a pain for opposing teams in the ACC.

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