Myles Austin – Baseball Athlete of the Week

With the MLB draft quickly approaching, baseball fans everywhere are speculating which young star they would like their organization to select. It’s both exciting and life changing for prospects as many will accomplish their dream of making it to the professional level. If you are reading this, start hoping that your team will call on Myles Austin, the 6’3’’ short stop out of Westlake High School in Georgia. While we expect this week to be both exciting and life changing for the Alabama shortstop commit. Myles fully understands that whatever happens in the draft is just another step towards his ultimate goal.

Myles is a top prospect for a handful of different reasons. Not only is he a 5-tool player with room to fill out, but he also has an internal drive to win that sets him apart from many other players with similar abilities. In tenth grade, Myles came down with a bad case of the flu the day of the high school region championship. Making the choice to tough it out and play is something that a lot of kids can do. However, having the ability to hit for the cycle and lead your team to a critical win with the flu is something that makes a player special. Similar to the time last summer when Myles went five for five with two nukes in a high pressure semi-final game at Lakepoint.

On and off the field Myles Austin is a guy with swag comparable to Tim Anderson. He knows how to carry himself and is a player who can make any given game an exciting one to watch. Away from baseball, Myles likes to hangout by the pool, play basketball and listen to the G.O.A.T Young Thug. He is also a great student who achieved a 3.1 GPA and will undoubtedly excel in academics if he chooses to attend Alabama. One thing is for sure, Myles Austin is a name in baseball that you need to become familiar with. Whether it’s at the professional or college level, this coming year will simply be another step that Myles will embrace towards his ultimate goal of making it to the Major Leagues. We’re excited to follow this young man’s career as he continues to make a name for himself on the diamond. Follow Myles on Press Sports @mylesaustin2

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