Milan Tolentino: Baseball Athlete of the Week

By November 13, 2019Athlete of the Week

With the crowning of the recent World Series champions, baseball fans can now turn their attention to new, exciting prospects. Milan Tolentino, star shortstop for the Santa Margarita Catholic High School graduating class of 2020, is a name that often comes up in discussion. Milan’s unique athletic abilities have garnered over 20 college offers, including a commitment to play at UCLA, where he hopes to study government. It’s easy to see why schools have taken notice: as a Junior, Milan lead his team to victory in the Southern California State Championship. In regards to the game he stated, “it was most memorable because the team really came together throughout the year and proved who we were. Although we weren’t supposed to be a good team, we overcame the status quo and won through hard work.” Milan also played in Korea for team USA. Due to his stellar performance, Milan has earned the #7 shortstop and #43 overall ranking in the country for the class of 2020. His impressive rankings are matched by his excellent 3.5 GPA.

It stands to reason that Milan would excel in baseball, as his father, “who was born in Mexico City and crossed legally in high school to play baseball.” Milan’s heritage is an important part of his life; when asked what makes him unique as an athlete, he noted, “I am a Latino player born in the USA.” Milan’s favorite athlete, Francisco Lindor, is another Latin American shortstop. Similar to “Mr. Smile”, Milan has a “thin frame with powerful tools: speed, arm strength, and a powerful bat are all part of [his] game.” The thing that we admire most about Milan is that first and foremost he is a team player. Yes, he’s got a great glove and a ton of footage to show for it, but he always picks up his teammates and acts on behalf of others. This is going to take him very far in both his baseball career and life in general. When he’s not making plays the diamond, Milan loves to play soccer with friends on weekends because it’s what his dad’s family grew up playing. Milan also likes to go to the beach, hangout with friends and enjoy the California weather.

Milan’s biggest dream in life is to “make it to the big leagues.” With his skills and work ethic this is undoubtedly an attainable goal. Outside of being a pro baseball player, Milan stated “I could see myself raising a family and working in the front office of a big league club.” Although, hopefully for baseball fans, this won’t be the case. Milan has put himself in the position where, with some hard work and dedication, he could one day be a shortstop playing at the World Series. Milan uses the Press Sports App to post his highlights and keep up with other star players. He stated that he enjoys using Press Sports because the app “helps the community build their fan base and are always open to requests from the public and kids.” To learn more about Milan and watch his highlights, follow him on Press Sports and Instagram @milantolentino, and follow him on Twitter @milan_tolentino.

Article by Press Sports Analyst Adam Davault

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