Jackson Burkhalter: Football Athlete of the Week

When people think of high school football, they most immediately shift their focus to Texas.  Recently, the southern state of Alabama has given the Lone Star State a run for its money. The Crimson Tide aren’t the only team in the state that features talented athletes, Spanish Fort High School features a plethora of Division One talents led by quarterback Jackson Burkhalter.  Jackson is a 2020 graduate and one of the best quarterbacks in the state. His current top three schools are all southern programs: UAB, Murray State, and Eastern Kentucky. It is clear that athletic prowess flows in the Burkhalter family as his younger brother is a nationally ranked tight end and has an offer from Ohio State.  Burkhalter came on the radar after an impressive last season including a game where he tallied 380 yards and four touchdowns, a performance he considers to be his most impressive.  

In the landscape of college recruiting, it is always vital to have unique skills that can separate you from your peers.  In Jackson’s case, he has both tangible and intangible qualities that have led college recruiters to venture to Spanish Fort.  He believes his vision, playmaking ability, arm strength and leadership are the biggest contributors to his success. With these skills in mind, it is no surprise his favorite athlete is Tom Brady but should be noted that his style of play is most similar to Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.  Although Jackson is already an accomplished athlete, he still remains a high school student and that is shown through in his love for music and Youngboy NBA, watching Breaking Bad, and playing NBA 2K.  

Burkhalter also understands the importance of education and the role it plays in the life of a student-athlete.  He has earned a 3.2 GPA throughout his time in high school and has enjoyed English the most out of all his coursework.  In addition to athletics and academics, Jackson likes to fish and has taken a keen interest in the business world. In his post-football life, he hopes to be able to own stock in either an NBA or NFL team.  Prior to a game, he prefers to listen to country music leading up to getting to the field where he then will switch to gospel music during the final preparation. As mentioned earlier, Jackson’s brother is also a football star and so it is unsurprising that his biggest mentor is from within the family.  Jackson named his dad as his biggest mentor and noted how he always reminds him to keep persisting through any and all adversity. Like almost all of the athletes we have honored at Press, Jackson’s ultimate goal is to make it to the NFL. But, unlike many other athletes at his age he has a clear plan to get himself there and to continue to succeed in life after football.

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