Isaac Nunez: Press Sports Male Athlete of The Week

A select few high school baseball players have the “IT” factor. When we saw one of the most iconic bat flips of all time posted on the app from Florida Gator commit, Isaac Nunez, we knew he had “IT”. The senior from Lake Brantley High School in Florida has garnered attention from the whole southeast; receiving offers from UF, FSU, Alabama, and Auburn. With a 3.67 GPA and his skills on the diamond, this isn’t shocking. In the classroom Isaac is most interested in his AP anatomy class when he’s not hitting homers. Nunez is no doubt on the right track to succeed in Gainesville if he does not sign in the 2019 MLB Draft.

One of his most impressive games was in the district playoffs when Nunez came in clutch with a walk-off two run homerun. Isaac knows how to ignite the crowd and is humble and confident. The hard work he puts in when nobody is watching is what allows him to excel when the game is on the line. Isaac’s favorite sports memory came at the age of 12 when his mom traveled far to watch him play. He proceeded to hit four homeruns in that single game, bringing her to tears. As you can see, he’s got the “IT” factor.

Isaac enjoys rocking out to Nav or Green Day and looks up to Javier Baez and Kobe Bryant. His favorite show is ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ while the favorite movie of his is ‘Juice’ about 2pac. In his free time, Isaac likes to kick back with the boys and crush some Fortnite. Surprisingly, the first sport he ever played was tennis, and we don’t doubt that he had some serious power on the court. Although Isaac has had an already stellar high school career, he is still working hard, focusing on one step at a time, with the long term goal of eventually making it to the Big Leagues to support his family. We are excited to see highlights of this talented young man’s career as it unfolds on Press Sports. Follow him on the app @isaacnunez.

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