Exposure Tips

College Recruiting

  1. The most important thing to do is work hard to become the best player you can possibly be so that you can perform to your full capabilities.
  2. Try your best to post all your achievements on Press Sports including weightlifting.
  3. College Coaches want to fill their programs with athletes who are hard workers. Make posts that prove you are a hard worker!
  4. Make a list of 20 schools that you are interested in from all levels and email the link of your Press Sports Profile to those coaches expressing your interest.
  5. Start with smaller schools and work your way up.

Growing your Fan Base

  1. Make high quality posts that will get hyped by others and make it into the hypezone.
  2. Put the link to your profile on the Instagram and Twitter bios.
  3. Fan Up everyone that you know on the app. Most people will fan you back.
  4. Get your teammates on the app. They will fan you up and hype your posts.
  5. Comment on and hype up other athletes posts.
  6. Make an Instagram Story to follow you on Press Sports and mention the link to your profile is in your bio.