Elijah Green: Baseball Athlete of the Week

“Fast car, NASCAR, race on ‘em.” While these are merely lyrics from Elijah Green’s favorite artist, Lil Uzi Vert, they metaphorically represent his style of play; fast. 6.65 60-yard dash fast. The 6’2”, 190 pound outfielder and right-handed pitcher has already earned himself the number one spot in the 2022 Florida state rankings. If this isn’t impressive enough, he’s also the number four overall player in the nation. Currently, the University of Miami received the honor of getting the 15-year old’s verbal commitment, which should be a great fit for the Florida-native.

Elijah attends TNXL Academy, which is a program for elite high-school baseball players to perfect their craft every day instead of being stuck inside a classroom. Don’t let this fool you though, Elijah still sports a 3.5 GPA, and has received an “A” in math every semester since grade school. When he’s not on the diamond or solving equations, Elijah enjoys playing video games, especially Fortnite and MLB the Show.

Elijah understands that his speed separates him from the average high school ball player. In fact, his favorite athlete was one of the fastest players in the NFL, Deion Sanders. However, Elijah is more than just a base runner. He compares his game to that of Mike Trout’s, which means he can just about do it all. Elijah dreams of making it to the Big Leagues, and while he has plenty of impressive highlights himself, he enjoys using the Press Sports App to watch other athlete’s highlights showing his humble character. Whether it’s at the University of Miami, or the Miami Marlins, expect to hear about Elijah Green for many years to come and follow him on Press Sports @elijah._.green to watch his career develop.

Article by Rich Stanzione – IG @r_stanzione

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