Drew Burress: Baseball Athlete of the Week

Drew Burress, like his favorite artist, Kodak Black, has tunnel vision. The 14-year-old IMG Academy outfielder aspires to be a first-round draft pick and prides himself on his confidence and swagger. He’s already ranked within the Top 1000 players in the nation, according to Perfect Game, and he will continue to climb up that list with his relentless work ethic. After taking a trip to Cooperstown with his father, Drew knew he wanted to be amongst the legends there and will not stop working until the mission is accomplished.

While Drew touts himself on his hard work and dedication to the game, the supernatural may play a factor into his success. For instance, he must wear more than one chain around his neck, and he doesn’t eat seeds or chew gum during a game. Also, his bat, glove, and helmet are always placed first on the bench. Say what you want, but it works. Superstition has made this young baller into a young superstar. 

When Drew is not on the diamond, you can find him in the woods. Drew, alongside with his father, loves to hunt deer, doves, and ducks. Drew has a very tight relationship with his father and one of his favorite memories is being playing on his Dad’s team in Cooperstown. Drew also enjoys playing MLB the Show during his free time. He loves Bryce Harper and Mike Trout and tries to model his game after these icons. If Drew continues to work as hard as he does with his given abilities, he can reach any goal he wants. At Press Sports we’re excited to see his promising career unfold and can’t wait to see where he goes to school or who he gets drafted by. You too can track Drew’s success by following him on the Press Sports App @DrewBurress8.

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