Chooch Carroll: Softball Athlete of the Week

Two, Four, Six, Eight, Chooch Carroll only knows one thing; dominate. The superstitious superstar completes everything in her life, even her workout reps, solely in even numbers. Say what you want about it, but it works…really really works. Sporting a .997 fielding percentage and a .560 batting average, Chooch earned herself a multitude of college offers from some of the nation’s best schools such as the University of South Carolina, Auburn University, and Virginia Tech. Ultimately, South Carolina will get the honor of having Chooch on their squad.

Chooch Carroll’s stats are almost unbelievable. As a freshman at Cambridge High School, she was batting .720 with 12 home runs and was 32-0 on the mound when she called her own pitches. Chooch loves everything about playing softball and is grateful for getting to do what she loves every day, and even more thankful to continue her career at a premier softball university. On the slight occasions where she’s not playing or practicing softball, Chooch likes to sing, draw, and enjoy the outdoors. Also, Chooch wears jersey number 42 and it is no coincidence that her favorite movie is the Jackie Robinson Story, “42.” 

Chooch is more than just an athlete and is very motivated in every aspect of life. She claims to love the Press Sports App as it, “Gives players a voice to speak out about what [they] believe in and what [they] stand for.” Chooch wants to become president of the Free World and with her leadership skills, we at Press Sports will not be surprised to see her name on the 2036 ballot. She wants to be on the United States Olympic Softball team and one day make softball as popular as Major League Baseball. To follow her collegiate career (and maybe her presidential campaign) find her on the Press Sports App @gamecocks42!

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