Chief Borders: Football Athlete of The Week

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It’s rare to find an athlete with the combined wits and athletic prowess to attend the prestigious University of Florida pre-med school while playing as a star outside linebacker. Chief Borders, McEachern High School class of 2021’s premier multi-sport athlete, has found a way to do so. 

Chief’s ability to combine athleticism and intelligence permitted him to play basketball, football, and track in high school while simultaneously attaining a 3.8 GPA. When colleges noticed this 6 foot, 4 inch, 223 pound 18 year old with excellent sports IQ and jolting speed, they were quick to recognize his potential. After fielding over 40 offers, Chief elected to go with Florida because “they are ranked #7 in public colleges and ranked in football.” Choosing a school with a balance of education and athletics was important to Chief. He was also affected by the fact that “they have a medical school and health care center on campus, and the coaching staff shows nothing but love.” 

Based on his track record, we predict that Chief will do great things at Florida. In a single high school game, he was able to make 15 tackles, a pick, a sack, and a touchdown. Chief is a one-man defensive machine, who’s skills will undoubtedly transfer over into college ball. He told us that his favorite sports memory was “scoring [his] first pick 6.” Hopefully, we’ll see many more pick 6’s to come for the Gators. When asked about what makes him unique as an athlete, Chief noted, “I am intelligent and I set standards for people that come after me.” It will be exciting to see the places Florida can go with him on their defensive team. Chief’s drive is unmatched by few other athletes his age. In our interview, he stated that “the secret to success in football is to just grind. Do what others are not doing.” After playing college football, he hopes to apply this to his life “by being the best pediatrician in the world.” In his youth, Chief’s father often told him “to always put your best foot forward and forget about everyone else who is not on your team.” This advice has allowed Chief to get to the position he’s in and will continue to support him throughout his football career. 

When Chief is off the field and not focused on becoming a doctor, he spends his time working out, listening to Lil Wayne, and playing Gears of War 3. Chief also uses the Press Sports App to post clips for other athletes and coaches to see and to chart his progress. Chief said that he likes using Press Sports because “they keep it real.” Check out Chief’s page on the Press Sports App @chief.malik12 to see some awesome highlights and fan him up. You can also follow him on Instagram @chief.malik12 and Twitter @ChiefBorders. Whether he decides to go pro or become a pediatrician, the world will be better off because of Chief’s contributions. 

Article by Press Sports Analyst Adam Davault