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Momo Sanogo

I started playing soccer, my dad is from Africa. I was actually bad at soccer so he told me I probably needed to focus on school. He didn’t let me play football until I was about 12 after his friends told him that I was huge and would dominate in football. He didn’t know anything about football and thought it was just a dangerous American sport. I played offensive line until I moved to dallas in 8th grade when I told to coaches I played running back.. lol they believed me. The high school coach told me I would make a good middle linebacker and I quickly earned the starting spot on Varsity my freshman year. I had a great high school career and had over 200 tackles my senior year. I was blessed to have earned many scholarships and chose to take my talents to the University of Mississippi and play in the SEC. I became the starter my Sophomore year and am now coming into my senior year. I’ve been having a great college career and got named to the Butkus Award Watch List. I’m hoping for an outstanding senior campaign that secures me a high round draft pick to start off my NFL career.

“Press Sports helps me connect with athletes and seek out potential in future athletes. I am able to network to athletes who I think would be a good fit for the program. This app gives me a way to connect with future athletes as well as staying in touch or meeting athletes from other programs.”- Momo Sanogo

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