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Jhavaun Blake Discusses How Football Took Him From Jamaica To United States

I started playing football in the ninth grade after moving from Jamaica to Canada with my family. Growing up I was a track guy as you could guess, being Jamaican and all. Because of my speed the coaches asked me to come tryout for the football team, but coming from Jamaican we call soccer football so I thought I was going to tryout for soccer. I had no idea about tackle football. I tried out and they loved my speed – they put me on the team and I started learning the game. I fell in love with it, and instantly started working out before and after practice getting better under the radar.

I had an amazing first two years playing in Canada. I knew I had to move to the USA to play more advanced competitions so I moved to Florida summer of 2020 for my senior year to play at Clearwater Academy International. We play some of the best competition in the nation, so now I am showing what I can do over here, not just in Canada.

“Press Sports has helped me showcase my highlights and training journey with coaches and other players just like myself. It has helped me promote myself to a higher level and show the world that I’m not just a Canadian baller, but I can ball in the US AGAINST ELITE TALENT EVERY WEEK. So I am truly grateful to the Press Sports Family.” – Jhavaun Blake