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Jalen Ricks Talks About How Press Sports Helps Him Connect With Coaches And Other Athletes

I started playing basketball at the age of 5. I practiced and put in the work to eventually get offers from high major schools and to play varsity my freshman year in my hometown. When I became a tenth grader, I started to want something more from my high school basketball career. So in 11th grade I decided to transfer to national powerhouse Oakhill Academy, where I’ve been able to get more exposure and play on ESPN multiple times. My ultimate goal for basketball is to use it as a money making opportunity by playing the game I’ve come to love.

“Press Sports has helped me create a brand for my name. By connecting with athletes across the country, I am able to get my name out there to more people. And in a world today where social media has a stake in almost everything, Press Sports has been a great way to contact and reach out to coaches and athletes who I can relate to.” – Jalen Ricks