Arik Gilbert: Football Athlete of the Week

Arik Gilbert and the number 2 is a match made in Heaven. Born February 22, 2002 (2/22/02), jersey number 2 for the Blue Devils is also the number 2 overall recruit in the football powerhouse state of Georgia. The number 2 is great for Gilbert, however, the Class of 2020 Tight End is also the number 1 athlete in the nation. He is a force to be reckoned with and a name that you will hear on Saturday’s, and more than likely on Sunday’s 4 years from now. The Five Star recruit has accumulated offers from the nation’s top programs including Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Penn State, Texas A&M and many more. While he is uncommitted, his decision is to be released soon. Gilbert earned these offers by sporting some absurd statistics, such as 5 TDs and 279 yards in one game alone.

While no one doubts his athletic performance and his abilities on the gridiron, Arik Gilbert is more than just a football player. Gilbert loves science and has earned himself a 3.5 GPA. Even though his fame is from football, he also played AAU basketball and made some of his favorite memories as an athlete doing it. Gilbert still loves basketball and he enjoys playing NBA 2k19 and listening to Young Thug. The monster athlete still shows he can be a kid at heart while his favorite movie is Shark Boy and Lava Girl. When he’s not playing or training for football, he can be found at the beach.

As a Five Star recruit, making the League is not only a dream but a favorable reality. Pretty soon, Gilbert will have the chance to play alongside with, or against, his favorite athletes; Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, and Deandre Hopkins. Gilbert sees his play comparable to that of David Njoku’s, the Cleveland Brown’s Tight End out of the University of Miami. At Press Sports, we believe this is an accurate comparison as we acknowledge that Gilbert has the potential to be a first-round draft pick, just like Njoku. We’re excited to hear his commitment and follow his success for many years to come, and you can too by following Arik Gilbert on the Press Sports App @dba.rik.

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