Anthony Hamilton Jr: Track & Field Athlete of the Week

By November 29, 2019Athlete of the Week

Anthony Hamilton Jr. is living proof that it’s never too late to become great at
something new. Although he’s currently one of the most recruited, record breaking
NCAA track and field athletes, Anthony surprisingly only began thinking of the high jump
since completing his first year of college. A Los Angeles native, Anthony attended
Leuzinger High School, where he made waves with his skills on the basketball court.
His high school program has been known for producing star athletes since Russell
Westbrook graduated there in 2005. After receiving multiple college offers, Anthony,
“played one year of college basketball at the University of La Verne.” The following
“year was [his] first year trying to high jump.” Once he realized how innately skilled he
was, Anthony started track and field and never went back. It’s no surprise that Anthony
gravitated towards the high jump—he could dunk when he was 14 and only 5’9”. He
noted, “I never did track in high school, but when I quickly learned and broke the
University [of La Verne] record, I had the opportunity from multiple D1 schools such as
Duke, Florida State, Clemson, Texas A&M. Becoming a Division 1 Athlete is what made
me choose track over basketball.” This choice has lead Anthony to immense success in
the world of track and field.

Anthony vividly recounts signing with Clemson, which, according to him, is his
“favorite sports memory.” He’s part Clemson’s graduating class of 2021, where he
majors in sociology and has now been doing track and field for almost two years. In that
period of time, he received NCAA 1st Team All-ACC Honors, broke the record for the
Venice Beach Bell Touch, and raised his high jump to a staggering 2.13 meters.
Anthony has been able to achieve such great heights in a short amount of time through
grueling, deliberate practice. During our interview, he stated that his “it-factor” is his
combination of “leadership, aggression, determination, and ambition.” With
achievements like his, it’s clear that this is the case. When asked with which pro athlete
he was most similar, Anthony said that he “shares Lebron James’ work ethic and drive.”
Their desires are similar, as well: Lebron’s goal is to be the best basketball player in the
world, while Anthony’s biggest dream is to become “the highest jumper in the world.”
This goal is ambitious, but entirely within Anthony’s reach, as he has already achieved a
55 inch max vertical, just a few inches shy of the world record.

When he’s off the track, Anthony enjoys watching “All-American” and listening to
Nipsey Hussle. He also keeps his basketball IQ up by playing 2K with his friends. When
he’s not enjoying his free time or training for the track, Anthony works for the Adidas
Corporation. Anthony still finds the time to play basketball, “his favorite sport,” as well.
He belongs to a dunking team called Dunkademics, “a group that works together as the
best dunkers on social media.” Here, Anthony translates his ups from the high jump
back into his basketball play by putting in monster dunks. Anthony often uses the Press
Sports App to post his dunking and high jump highlights. He stated, “the app is an
amazing outlet to gain exposure for content, recruitment, and another avenue to help
people make it to the next level. It’s a great app that helps younger and older athletes
interact.” To view Anthony’s highlights and give him support, fans can follow him on the
Press Sports App @hamilt0njr and on Instagram and Twitter @hamilt0njr.

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