About Us


Our goal is to provide athletes with the best possible platform to document their athletic careers and help them achieve their goals of making it to the next level. We believe that profiles showing 360 degrees of an athletes capabilities are extremely powerful and something that all athletes deserve to have both as a tool during the recruiting process and a memory bank for later in life. Press Sports profiles are meant to have footage from all sports an athlete plays including weightlifting, as well as all relevant contact and academic information.


We were tired of the negative stigma that surrounds posting sports highlights of yourself to existing social media. We all have these Instagram profiles that will act as the photo albums of our lives that our peers and kids will look through but we neglected to post sports highlights along the way because it was uncomfortable. It became clear that there was a need for a separate platform where rather than building a follower base, athletes could build a fan base of people who want to see an athletes sports highlights.