Aaron McLaughlin: Press Sports Athlete of the Week

Growing up a quarterback in Georgia, there are a plethora of idols to look up to.  Justin Fields, Jake Fromm, Trevor Lawrence and more have become overnight starts in the last few years.  In the near future, Aaron McLaughlin could be a name of similar prestige across the country. The sophomore quarterback from Denmark High School has already received 29 offers including offers from Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, and Michigan, but has yet to narrow down his decision as of right now. On top of his on-field excellence, Aaron has also excelled in the classroom maintaining an impressive 3.5 GPA.

Quarterbacks tend to model their game after a particular player, and Aaron has worked to model his game after his favorite athlete, 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is known for his remarkable athleticism, as well as having a powerful arm. Aaron fits the mold as he says his most impressive stat from this year was a 70-yard rushing touchdown. Quarterbacks must also be able to take charge of the game and the team in certain situations, and Aaron says that his leadership skills are what sets him apart from other quarterbacks.  

Outside the football field, Aaron spends his time hanging out with friends and playing Fortnite. He enjoys rap music with Travis Scott, his go to artist. When asked about Press Sports, Aaron responded; “I like how it is a social media platform specifically for athletes to interact. It’s the first of its kind.”

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