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March 2020

Owen Flynn – Story

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Hi my name is Owen Flynn and this is my story.

Just like most other baseball players I started playing around the age of 4 and then began to take it to the next level at the age of 8. I think what set me apart was the work I was willing to put in and most importantly the love I had for the game.

One thing that really inspired me to get better at a young age was the negativity from my fourth grade teacher. She and the rest of the class understood that my dream was to play Major League Baseball, but to her that seemed too “unrealistic”. In order to try to prove her point she proceeded to put a math problem on the board that explained that my odds of actually becoming something great were very slim. As a 4th grader I was heartbroken and hated her for being so inconsiderate, but now I look back and thank her for giving me that chip on my shoulder that inspires me to make something great of myself.

Now as a 17 year old young man I still have the same dreams and aspirations to pitch and compete at the highest level that baseball offers.


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