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August 2019

Phillip Webb: Football Athlete of the Week

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“Defense wins championships”— one of the oldest adages in football remains true to this day. As football’s defensive greats age, and their play diminishes, new talent is needed to fill the ranks. Currently, one of the strongest defensive contenders in the race to the NFL is Phillip Webb.  Webb, an outside linebacker (OLB) from the Lanier High School graduating class of 2020, is a force to be reckoned with. As the fourth ranked in the nation at OLB, Webb has received offers from over 45 colleges. His top choices include prestigious universities, such as Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, LSU, and Texas A&M. Webb’s athletic prowess is not his only strength: he sports a 3.8 GPA and aims to study biology. Despite the numerous opportunities in front of him, Webb has remained humble and recognizes that “the secret to success is hard work and determination.” 

Webb gives everything he’s got in his relentless pursuit of the quarterback, and he has the stats to show for it; after last season’s playoff run, he finished the year with 86 tackles and 11 sacks. With a pass rushing ability comparable to a young Von Miller, Webb’s “first step on pass rush is the most distinctive thing in his game.” Like Miller, Webb’s impact on the field is powerful. In a single game, he managed to make 13 tackles, 2 sacks, and forced a fumble. Quarterbacks tend to remember getting hit by this 225 lb. beast. Webb’s versatility as an OLB also allows him to drop back into zone coverage and play in space when he’s needed. His coverage ability is bolstered by his long 6’4” frame and explosive athleticism — his quick hands and aggressive play earned him 7 pass break ups last season. Running backs must also be wary when Webb is on the field. Last season, he managed to make 20 tackles for loss and forced 4 fumbles. The stats alone don’t do Webb’s tackling power justice. In the weight room, he is about to join the 1000-pound club, with a combined 970 lb. bench, clean, and squat. When Webb connects with his target, onlookers are forced to wonder if they are going get up again. Phillip Webb clearly has all the skills he needs to make a great outside defender. 

Although football is Webb’s main focus, he also has other hobbies. Like many others his age, he enjoys watching Adam Sandler movies, listening to Drake, and playing 2K. Webb doesn’t allow these pastimes to distract him from what’s important, though. He is dedicated to football, doing his best to get recruited and go to the school of his dreams. Webb uses the Press Sports app to post highlight videos for coaches to see because “Press Sports provides a platform for athletes to showcase their talent.” Webb sets himself apart from other blue chips his age through relentless effort on the field. No matter the stakes, whether it’s a practice scrimmage, or the championship game, Webb “finishes every play until the whistle is blown.” With enormous growth potential and an incredible amount of raw talent, fans will likely see Phillip Webb making big hits for many years to come. To watch him grow as an athlete and see his highlight tape follow him on Press Sports @phillip.webb and twitter @_phillipwebb_. 

Article by Press Sports intern Adam Davault 

Kaden Martin: Baseball & Football Athlete of the Week

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Legendary Tennessee QB and coach, Tee Martin, left behind big shoes to fill after leading the Vols to win the 1998 National Championship and beating out Tom Brady in the NFL draft. His son Kaden Martin, has been stepping up to the plate proving that he can not only fill those shoes, but possibly achieve more. Kaden is crushing records as a Quarterback while making waves in the baseball world as a lefty pitcher and outfielder — and scouts have noticed. Right now, the star athlete of the Knoxville Catholic class of 2022 has several D1 offers for both sports. USC, Alabama, FAU, Duke, and Kentucky have all shown interest in his arm and running ability as a quarterback. But the offers don’t stop there: Missouri, Coastal Carolina, Troy, and Western Kentucky have also been recruiting him to play baseball. Kaden’s athletic prowess is not the only thing that sets him apart in the eyes of scouts, though. He’s smart on and off the field, and has a 3.4 GPA to show for it. 

Athletes with Kaden’s dual-sport versatility don’t come around often, but when they do, it’s hard not to reminisce about all-time greats such as Bo Jackson and Deon Sanders. It takes a special kind of player to not only excel in multiple sports, but to reach the milestones that Kaden has surpassed. When this 5’11’’, 205 pounder, with a play style similar to Mookie Betts steps up to the plate, the outfielders start to pay more attention. As a rising sophomore, Kaden has already hit for the cycle on the diamond following a game where he notched more than 150 yards both in the air and on the ground. Any football or baseball fan knows how hard these accomplishments are to do alone, but to be able to do both takes an incredibly adaptable player. Kaden’s dream is to “make it to league in both sports”, and although it’s an ambitious task, his skillset and work ethic have put him on the right track to do so. 

When Kaden is away from the field, he uses his sports IQ against his friends in Madden and MLB: The Show. He’s a big fan of the show Stranger Things and his favorite rapper is J.Cole. Like many athletes, Kaden is superstitious; he wears USA socks during every baseball game, and for football games he writes the names of his late cousin and uncle on his wrist after taping up. Kaden has been greatly influenced by his dad, who he says is his “greatest mentor and favorite athlete.” From a young age, his dad taught him “the value of hard work and to respect the game.” Clearly, Tee Martin has coached him well. Even if there are obstacles on his path to success, Kaden knows that “failure is only feedback” and is equipped to overcome any bumps in the road that he encounters. 

With Kaden’s athleticism, intelligence, and work ethic, sports fans can expect big things from this young man. Kaden posts his highlights on the Press Sports App because “it’s a nice platform for athletes to share their sports clips and get exposure.” To keep up with his progress and see some crazy highlights, follow him on Press Sports @Kaden.7K. 

Article by Press Sports intern Adam Davault