Q: What are the differences between the types of accounts?

A: The main difference is that coach accounts must be verified, and they have the exclusive ability to access athletes contact info/resume pages.
Athletes have the ability to declare their status as committed/uncommitted or not seeking recruitment to allow coaches to know whether or not they are available to be recruited.

Q: What is a casual athlete?

A: A casual athlete is any person who plans on posting or considers themselves to be an athlete that does not compete at the youth, high school, college or pro level.

Q: How do I delete/report a post?

A: As of now, we do not have a way to delete something you posted. In a future update we will, but for now, you should email support@pressappsports.com and we will take care of it for you as fast as we can.

Q: Can I make an account for my kid?

A: Yes! You are allowed to make accounts for your kids under the age of 13 in order to allow them to have a profile that goes through their entire career.

Q: Can fans upload video content to Press?

A: Yes, any fan can post video, whether you are a parent uploading a highlight of your child, or a regular fan that wants to post a highlight of an athlete they admire. The video just has to be sports related, or else it will be reported and removed from the app.